Full Services

Includes all standard mangement services plus a few extras only we offer!

Below is a general list of what is included, but not limited to, in all standard service contracts.

To review a full detailed outline of our services, please request a proposal request! 

Administration –

  •  provide a public access website for Client
  •  access to online meeting options; routine HOA meetings will be held ‘onsite’
  •  maintain all files 
  •  use all various forms of communication to share information with all owners
  •  average of 12 community inspections by the Contractor – findings to be reported electronically to the Board; who will direct all follow-up
  • basic mailing & postal fees included

Financial Services –

  •  process all accounts receivables and payables
  •  prepare financial statements; send monthly budget reports
  •  assist in the collection of accounts in arrears by sending statements and late notices

Miscellaneous –

  •  help process all exterior change applications using electronic forms
  •  ensure all HOA common areas are being properly maintained
  •  communicate and work with all HOA vendors as needed
  •  arrange and provide all meeting preparation and needed supplies
  • Maintain our CAI-NC accreditation