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PRIVATE Reservations

Residents can reserve the clubhouse for private, non-profit events. Please fill out rental form after confirm date is available on the calendar.

 Should there ever be an instance where there is a pending reservation submitted but not yet on the calendar, the first owner to request and pay will get the date. First come, first serve. We update the calendar as frequently as possible. All reservations are generally posted within 1-2 business days. If you need to request multiple dates for several community events, please send a list of dates in email form. 

The Clubhouse will be for the private use of residents in good standing. 

This agreement is entered into with you, subject to the following terms and conditions:  

1. Clubhouse rental is available for rental to residents only for non-profit parties or meetings. 

2. There is no charge for use of the clubhouse if the event being held is open to all homeowners.

3. There is a minimum fee of $50 per private rental. Rentals that last longer than 6 hours will be subject to an additonal $10 per hour rental fee. This will be required with the completion of this form. Any expenses resulting from damages and / or failures to clean will be assessed against the property of the home owner as a special assessment per the Covenants.

4. There will be no children’s or teenage parties allowed in the Clubhouse.

5. The renting resident will have exclusive use of the party room only; the guests may not use the pool or exercise equipment, and the pool may not be reserved for any party.

6. No party items will be furnished by the Association.

7. The Clubhouse Committee will conduct inspections before and after each rental. 

8. After the event, it is expected that the Clubhouse be cleaned up by the renter and left in the original condition. Cleaning should including the interior, exterior and grounds of the building as needed.  If items provided in the Clubhouse are missing or broken, or damaged, the Association reserves the right to require additional compensation for the replacement.

9. If reservations are cancelled less than seven (7) days prior to your event, your $50.00 rental fee will be applied to administrative costs.

10. Facilities may be used only in such a manner as not to disturb other residents.  At no time should your party be outside the Clubhouse.  There shall be no loud singing, amplified music, bands, deejays, boisterous talk or other disturbing noises.

11. Residents acknowledge the Association’s right to check the premises during the function and discontinue the function if any part of this agreement is broken.

12. Pets or animals are not allowed in the Clubhouse.  

13. No resident under the age of 18 shall be allowed to reserve the Clubhouse.  

14. Only members of the Homeowner’s Association may rent the Clubhouse.  The person signing this agreement shall be responsible for all of those in attendance.  The Renting Member must be present during the entire time the Clubhouse is in use.

15. Clubhouse must be cleaned on the day of the event.  Cleaning supplies are located in the cleaning closet.  Trash should be removed and placed in the proper receptacle.  

16. These rules may be revised or additional rules established at any time.


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