2022 Assessment Information

The annual dues vary based on floor plan / square footage. 

Ascot – $2,604 annually or $217 per month;

Belmont – $2,748 annually or $229 per month;

Edinburgh – $3,180 annually or $265 per month;

Edinburgh II – $3,420 annually or $285 per month;

Windsor – $3,768 annually or $314 per month;

Windsor II – $3,180 annually or $265 per month;

$15 late fee per month after 30 days late


Payment Options

– Mail check payable to: Troon CA – PO Box 1149 Apex NC 27502
– Online Bill Pay Services – use your bank’s online pay services to send payments
– Pay with Monthly Emails – free, one-time debit payments from checking account

– ACH Bank Draft – fill out the attached form and send back with a VOID check 

– Pay with Credit Card– includes a fee charged by the credit card companies 
>  If asked / needed, please use your street address as your “account” number. <

Account Questions?


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Troon at Kildaire CA

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