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Welcome to the community website for Dutchess Village HOA in Cary, NC. We hope you find this site user friendly but also helpful and informative. If you have any suggestions or ideas on features or content that would make this site more helpful for you and your neighbors, please let us know. This website is maintained by the community association management firm, Grandchester Meadows Inc.


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There are 34 townhomes and 22 single family homes in Dutchess Village HOA.

What do the HOA assessments pay for?

  • administration
  • landscaping
  • exterior maintenace 
  • private streets (Hedgerow & Adventure Trail only; Joel Court is a public road.)

HOA Community Management

Grandchester Meadows, Inc.

Manager – David Robbins

Associate Manager – Chris Wing

Main Office: (919) 757-1718 (general inquiries, text friendly)


Chimney cap leaks X
Chimney Surface (brick) X
Common Area Lighting X
Window frames and encasements X
Grounds / Landscaping (builder installed) X
Grounds / Landscaping (common area) X
Gutter Cleaning X
Gutter Replacement and repair X
Ice and Snow removal – from private streets X as per policy
Private Road and Parking area repair X
Roof Repair / Leaks / Replacement X
Sewer link from common cleanup to city line X
Siding & Trim (cleaning / painting/repair) X
Termite Warranty X
Walkway Maintenance X
Water lines damaged by the HOA X
Water lines from meter to City line X
Animals in chimney X
Attic power vents and fans X
Damage to landscaping caused by resident, employee or guest, autos, spills, etc. X
Electrical fixtures (except in common areas) X
Exterior townhouse numbers X
Exterior water spigots X
Exterior yard lights & fixtures X
Extra cost of painting due to owner negligence X
Firewood stored 18” from wooden structures. No more than 1/2 cord can be stored at a time. Wood cannot be stacked against trees. X
Foundation / structural parts of home X
Garbage receptacles X
Grounds / Landscaping (homeowner installed) X
Heating / AC units & Feeder lines X
Interior Damage (except gutters & downspouts) X
Interior repairs caused by leaks X
Mailbox repair / replacement (normal use) X
Meter Leaks or replacement X
Pest control – inside home X
Repair Maintenance of Architectural Changes X
Screens, screen doors $ screened porches X
Storm Doors X
Structural problems X
Water lines from meter wall to interior X
Weatherstripping X
Window fixtures & door hardware X
Patio & Decks X
Window Glazing X Windows will be glazed only during community projects. Times outside of community projects will be the responsibility of the homeowner.
Window Painting X Windows will be painted only during community projects.
Window Glass X

Board Members

  • Shirley Green
  • Omega Latta
  • Patricia Isley
  • Steve Kalland
  • Zach McCool
  • Russ Sciandra

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Mailing: Dutchess Village HOA – PO Box 1149 – Apex NC 27502

Office Phone / Text: (919) 757-1718 
Hours: 9 -5, Monday – Friday
Fax: (919) 882- 8739

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