what will be needed

All applications should include detailed, easy to understand drawings with a plot map outlining location within your property lines. In addition, all requests should also include notes that outline plans, elevations, construction details, colors, location, etc. as necessary to fully describe the proposed project.  You can never include too many details.

NOTE: Generic statement like, “I want to add a shed to my backyard.” or “I would like to install a fence.” can not be accepted and will delay the approval process.

signature page

Your neighbors have the right to know of your future plans.  Please speak with all property owners having common lot lines with your property along with property owners who may reasonably view the improvement from their property. This discussion is not for approval or denial of any application. It is simply acknowledgment of the changes you are proposing and they may click here if they wish to submit any concerns to the HOA. Note, the HOA will not approve most applications without this signature page – but the HOA will start the review process while signatures are being acquired. A signature page to take to your neighbors will be sent in your submission receipt. You may also print one out now – Neighbor Signature Page

obtaining a plot map

Search your address using the Wake County iMap tool. You can use the birds eye view may that refreshes as long as the lot lines are included. You may need to click on “Deeds” in the bottom menu for a more detailed plot map.

response time

The Review Committee has up to 30 days to render an official decision. To speed up this turnaround time, include as many details as possible. The official 30 ‘start clock’ begins when all detailed request information has been submitted – like the Neighbor Signature Page


  • Include as many details as possible.
  • Do not start any exterior changes until you receive your official approval letter.
  • Make sure you know where your property lines are (mainly for fence requests)
  • Inform your nighbors – Neighbor Signature Page

Application Request Form

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