Exterior Change Requests – Westpark HOA

The process – Westpark HOA

The governing documents for the HOA require that owners seek approval from the HOA for any exterior changes to their lot. This is often referred to as an Architectural Request or Change. 

If you are unsure if your project requires approval, it is always best to check first – send us an email.  

Projects that require approval:

Changes to the exterior of the home, including (but not limited to) the addition of:

  • Awnings
  • Decorative lighting (gas lights, low-voltage landscaping lights, etc.)
  • Free-standing poles (e.g., basketball goals)
  • Recreation or sport equipment
  • Driveway extensions and parking pads
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Tree removal (includes live, diseased, or deceased trees)
  • Significant landscaping (including retaining wall construction, raised bed installation, lawn removal or replacement, etc.)
  • Hedges and screen plantings
  • Decks, deck skirting or screening, and patios
  • Enclosures and Addition of Living Space (including dormers, screened porches, sunrooms, etc.)
  • Structures (including tree houses and other similar structures)
  • Buildings/storage sheds
  • Mailbox post and/or mailbox
  •  Fences
  •  Solar Panels
    • APPEARANCE, such as:
    • Color
    • Materials (such as siding, roofing, windows, etc.)

Changes THAT Do Not Require a Submittal:

  • Flower boxes that are painted to match exterior color approved for home
  • Minor landscaping (see Section IV Article .L)
  • Non-permanent children’s play equipment that meets guidelines (see Section IV, Article E)
  • Periodic repainting and re-staining with the existing color for maintenance
  • Small garden plots which meet guidelines and are located behind the residence out of view from the street
  • Storm doors (must still meet color and material requirements)

If you are replacing an exisiting deck or giving the exterior a fresh coat of the same color paint, please proceed.  These are considered owner maintenance items and do not require pre-approval.

Helpful Documents: 

Architectural Standards & Control Specifications

Mailbox Standards – Sept 2019

All Governing Documents for the Association can be found on the Document Index Page. 

what will be needed

All applications should include detailed, easy to understand drawings with a plot map outlining location within your property lines plus notes that include plans, elevations, construction details, colors, location, etc. as necessary to fully describe the proposed project.

NOTE: Generic statements like, “I want to install a fence.” can not be accepted and will delay the approval process.

NEIGhbor signature FORM

Please speak with and obtain signatures from all property owners having common lot lines with your property along with property owners who may reasonably view the improvement from their property. This signature is not for approval or denial of any application. It is simply acknowledgment of the changes you are proposing. Owners can obtain signautures while application is under review; however, official approval can be granted until these have been received. You can print out the Neighbor Signature Page and one will also be sent with emailed receipt.

obtaining a plot map

Search your address using the Wake County iMap tool. You can use the birds eye view may that refreshes as long as the lot lines are included. You may need to click on “Deeds” in the bottom menu for a more detailed plot map.

response time

The Review Committee has up to 45 days to render an official decision. To speed up this turnaround time, include as many details as possible.

To speed up the approval process, print out the Neighbor Signature Page now to include with your submission.


  • Read all govering documents.
  • Include as many details as possible.
  • Do not start any changes until you receive your official approval letter.
  • Include Neighbor Signature Page with submission.