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Brighthurst Condominium Association

Pool Rules 

2019 Season: May 18th – Sept. 17

Hours: 7am to 9pm

The Brighthurst Condo Association has a No Trespass Order in place with the City of Raleigh Police Department.  Anyone in the pool area outside of pool hours will be subject to a charge of Trespassing.

Please report any trespassers to Raleigh Police at 919831-6311

By order of the Wake County Health Department all pool users must follow the

following rules. If a violation is cited, it may cause the pool to close for an extended period of

time, and it will result in a fine.

  1. There is no lifeguard on duty. This is a swim at your own risk facility.
  2.  No glass containers allowed within the gated pool area.
  3. The gates to the pool area must remain closed at all times. Do not prop the gate open in any way. This violates health regulations in Wake County.
  4. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or pool.
  5. No diving. Diving in shallow water could result in severe injury.
  6. Training pants with snug fitting rubber pants (or the newly developed swim diapers) are required for any infant/child not toilet trained. Contamination will cause the pool to close for up to 24 hours while water treatment is conducted.

The following rules and regulations must be followed for the safety and enjoyment of all Brighthurst residents and their guests. 

  1. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Guests must be accompanied by a Brighthurst resident. Residents are responsible for the conduct of guests. There is a maximum of 2 guests per Brighthurst resident.
  3. Proper swimming attire is required in the pool. No cutoffs or street clothes.
  4. Refrain from using the pool if you have open wounds, sores, or lesions.
  5. Please pick up your trash and leave the pool area clean.
  6. No heavy or sharp objects, or furniture allowed in the pool.
  7. No running or horseplay allowed.
  8. No profanity or abusive language. Please keep music at a moderate level.
  9. No grills can be brought into the pool area.
  10. No skateboards, bicycles, or rollerblades in the pool area.
  11. No chewing gum or bubble gum allowed in the pool or on the deck area.
  12. Pool toys and floats must be intended for pool use.


A phone is located in the pool house for emergencies.

Violations of pool rules and the use of the pool outside operating hours will result in a fine of $100. Any second violation will result in a fine of $250. Unit owners are ultimately responsible for the fines incurred by their tenants and tenant guests. Unit owners may report rule violations to Grandchester Meadows via the website or text: 919-389-7944.