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Welcome to the website for Orchard Villas CUOA in Apex, NC. We hope you find this site user friendly. If you have any suggestions or ideas on features or content that would make this site more helpful for you and your neighbors, please let us know. This website is maintained by the community association management firm, Grandchester Meadows, Inc.


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Q: What do the assessments pay for?

A. Generally speaking, the assessments pay for the following,

  • Administration
  • Area Lighting
  • Clubhouse
  • Landscaping
  • Limited Exterior Maintenance (see HOA vs Owner tab)
  • Pool
  • Termite Treatments

Q: How many homes are members of the community? 

A: There are 85 condo unit homes in Orchard Villas.

Q: What paint color are the front doors on all units?

A: Panda White – Sherwin Williams SW6147

Q: What is the siding paint color for each building?

A: Orchard Villas Building Colors Map

Current Board Members

Peter Walker – President

Mary Martin – VP & Secretary

Elaine Krupp – Treasurer

Committee Volunteer List (December 2022)

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2019 – 2020 Work Orders (Restricted Access)

Archived Work Order Log (Restricted Access) (October 2016 – November 2019)

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Use this link to be directed to the Reservation Information Page. 

HOA vs Owner Maintenance Chart – Orchard Villas

Element: HOA  Owner 
Driveways and Roadways within OV HOA
Exterior Siding / Trim (paint, repair, replace) HOA
Foundation & Drainage HOA
Gutter Cleanout / Gutter Repair / Gutter Replacement HOA
Irrigation HOA
Mailboxes HOA
Patio / Courtyard Fences / Other White Fencing HOA
Roof Repair / Roof Replacement / Roof Leaks (exterior) HOA
Walkways / Sidewalks (common only) HOA
Water Leak (from common meter to City Line) HOA
Ceiling Paint (after roof leak) Owner
Concrete Walkway / Sidewalk Leading To Front Door Entrance from Driveway  Owner
Doors / Door Frame Owner
Sewer lines (individual unit lines) Owner
Shutter Repair / Replacement Owner
Water Leak (from common meter into unit) Owner
Water, Sewage, Garbage Owner
Windows / Trim Owner


For maintenance specifics, please see:

  • Article II, Covenants, 2.7 Description of Units – starting on Page 5.
  • Article VIII, of Covenants – starting on Page 19 (see doc index page)

Insurance Requirements: 

  • All owners need to purchase insurance that covers the interior of the dwelling. This policy is commonly referred to as an HO-6 policy. See Master Insurance info tab. 

Recommended Plumber for Water Leaks:

  • Mike Waite – Waite Plumbing – (919) 387-0806
  • Cary Plumbing – Phone: (919) 469-3556

Home Repairs:

  • J&W Handywork: Juan & William, mr.jwhandywork@gmail.com, 919-614-1834
  • Register’s Repair Service – Alan Register – 919-695-2952; punchlist24@gmail.com
  • Doug Bunn – The Honey Do Husband; 919-847-2821 doug@thehoneydohusband.com;

Master Insurance Policy for HOA

Current Carrier: Nationwide
Current Agent – Joseph Wells

Snotherly Insurance: 919-832-5832

2308 Wake Forest Rd. Raleigh NC 27608


Master Policy

*Note – due to file size, the Master Policy copy will take several moments to download.*


Condo insurance 101:

Now that you have purchased a condominium, you have automatically become a member of the Orchard Villas Condominium Unit Owners Association.  In the Declaration and Bylaws, the duties of the Association and how the development will be administered, are explicitly defined.  One defined duty of the Association is providing insurance.  In the Declaration an entire section, Article VIII, is devoted to the responsibility of the Association and a unit owner regarding insurance.

The Association, as a common expense, must provide insurance for “the Buildings and all other improvements on the property and all personal property included in the Common Elements”.  The specific types the Association must provide are:
                      a) Fire and extended coverage
                      b) Public Liability
                      c) Fidelity Bonds
                      d) Officers’ and Directors’ 

Since the buildings and common elements are covered by the Association “master policy” the unit owner must then consider their personal requirements and needs from the sheet-rock walls inward.  The owner’s insurance agent is the best person to advise the owner and the owner should provide the agent with a copy of the Declaration.  

The Declaration requires the unit owner to carry a liability policy for $1,000,000 and proof of this insurance needs to be provided to the Association.   A copy of your insurance declaration page must be sent to Grandchester Meadows immediately after closing and annually on renewal.  

Not required, but recommended for the unit owner is the policy referred to as an HO-6.  This policy may cover personal property, additional living expenses, condominium assessments, and the required personal liability.  This policy starts coverage where the “master policy” ends. The Association is responsible for insurance coverage for your building up to the unfinished interior perimeter walls, but not including the air conditioner, furnace or hot water heater. The unit owner is responsible for interior wall and floor coverings, finishing work, all plumbing fixtures, cabinets, appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, hot water heater, etc.

To determine unit owner’s coverage amount, owners need to look at 3 unique components. The first two components are considered “part of the condo unit” – the replacement cost of unit and any upgrades / components owners leave when moving out – such as hardwoods, cabinets, countertops, etc.  The third component covers the items you will take with you when you move – i.e, your personal property. 

Use these guidelines to work with your insurance agent to develop your condo policy.

Mailing Address: OVCUOA – PO Box 1149 – Apex NC 27502

Community Management:

Grandchester Meadows Inc.

Manager: David Robbins

Main Office Phone: (919) 757-1718 (or text)
Hours: 9 -5, Monday – Friday
Emergency Text: (919) 389- 7944

Grounds Maintenance 

Jersey Landscaping – Emilio Flores – staff@jerseylandscapingnc.com (551) 804.9163

Termite Control

Dodson Pest Management – (919) 598-8846


Mike Waite – service@waiteplumbing.com, (919) 387.0806

Pool Maintenance

Michael James – Still Waters Professional Pool Management, Inc – 919-608-0984

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NOTICE OF RIGHT TO VOLUNTARY MEDIATION – Pursuant to Section 7A-38.3F of the North Carolina General Statutes, all members are hereby informed that you have a right to initiate mediation pursuant to the terms of the statute to try to resolve a dispute with the Association.  Both the homeowner and the Association must agree to mediate the dispute, and each side is responsible for splitting the cost of the mediation, including payment of a professional mediator.  The mediation process is an opportunity to reach an agreement to resolve a dispute – neither side gives up their right to go to court to have a judge resolve the dispute if the parties are not able to reach an agreement through mediation.  The specific process to initiate voluntary mediation is outlined in Section 7A-38.3F of the North Carolina General Statues.

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